december 9, 2014

A written message, the captain replied:

As of July 2015 we are piloting a new guideline; until we have more precise language, please don be an asshole. Free expression can only happen when everyone in the community feels empowered to contribute, and behaviors that disempower and silence do more to create an echo chamber than even the heavy handedest of moderator actions. If you are acting like an asshole to a member of this community, the moderators reserve the right to extend a seven day temporary ban as a cooling off measure..

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Sen. Patty Murray (D Wash.) proposed a $12 minimum federal wage earlier this year, and Clinton has expressed at least tacit support for the Murray plan. Yesterday, however, she made it official.. The mgr told me of his frustration that their order was ”lost in transit” and he blamed the strike. Dunno how factual this is. But purse replica handbags it would explain why they have no 3XLs.

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Being lucid in a dream is something I feel like everybody should experience at least once in there life. If anything, it would be an ideal thing for everyone to experience lucidity almost every single night. The way I see it, its like living in two worlds, your reality and your dream world.

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