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”And they all told me I could do whatever I wanted to do

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high quality hermes replica This is kind of off on a tangent, but a pretty good story. When my cousin was really little (0 3yo), his mum had blonde hair. There were pictures of her in the house with blonde hair. This campaign/DM took me from a classic power/meta gamer and, in game wise literally, beat me into a proper optimizer/roleplayer. Learned the hard way that having the highest AC possible at the expense of attack power sucks. Also that when you have an AC so high only crits hit will it the following is true:1 Somehow the luxury replica bags dice WILL crit more often on you.2 If using a critical hit chart you will learn to fear crits.3 You won get hit often, but gods damn it will hurt when you do.4 Maiming rules suck high quality hermes replica.