december 31, 2014

Doubt there are honourable reasons to preserve net neutrality

That’s probably why I’m such a big fan of The Incredible Hulk. He’s the biggest badass around. And, defying the laws of physics, the Hulk’s pants always stay on.. Doubt there are honourable reasons to preserve net neutrality. But some activists are also investors or have been influenced by investors in start ups and they have deep commercial interests in ensuring that service providers do not become very powerful. There is so much at stake for them that they are overreacting to Facebook..

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One note from Tony Blair to George W Bush in July 2002 said will be with you, whatever. But this is the moment to assess bluntly the difficulties first question is do you want/need a coalition? The US could do it alone, with UK support. The danger is, as ever with these things, unintended consequences.

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What are the Costs? When you look at costs, you examine what you will gain by having the conversation and what you might lose by not having the conversation. You want to look at these issues realistically. Will you really lose your job if you confront your boss over a disagreement? Will your marriage end because you want your spouse to do more work around the house? How important is it to you to directly confront this behavior? If you do not confront the behavior, will it happen again?.

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