december 9, 2014

That the culture and identity of white people is being

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On this supposedly magical evening, sorority girls flock to a not so nearby venue in Detroit accompanied by that special someone. Considering the fact that the majorityof our overly expensive dues fund these events, one would presume and, above all, hope that these nights are unforgettable. And oh, they are but not always in a positive way..

The news immediately resulted in public parades of schadenfreude on the left. After all, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arguably lost the election because of the same issue. But while there is plenty to make fun of here, there really is very little in the way of relevance between the two email stories..

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When he says ”We can rebuild our civilization with other people babies”, he means that white Americans of western European descent need to reproduce in order to preserve ”western civilization” from being erased by these so called ”other people” best replica designer and their babies (read: cultures that are western European in origin).This idea is known as the white genocide theory, and is a common belief held among white supremacists and white nationalists. That the culture and identity of white people is being threatened and destroyed by so called other people (hispanics, muslims, jews, blacks, etc). Steve King represents a district that is 96% white.

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