november 20, 2014

What about another killer, the Fort Hood killer, who was in

3. What about another killer, the Fort Hood killer, who was in the military? Is there a link, there? Are this shooting and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting both hate crimes? Both killers were almost certainly motivated by racial/religious bigotry. We know in the instance of Fort Hood the killer shouted religious slogans..

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But after publicly distancing himself from Modi, Pawar also drew himself closer to Rahul Gandhi and the Congress, which the NCP had kicked in the teeth during the 2014 assembly elections. He had publicly snubbed Gandhi at the closing campaign of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls by refusing to share the same space on the dais with the then Congress vice president, who he clearly thought, was not up to his stature. But now he was describing Rahul as a great and expressing hope that the Congress would go places in the near future.

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